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Things have really taken off at EUAC and we have got far more traction than we had anticipated at such an early stage. We hope the site to be self-supporting on the long term through advertising and voluntary subscriptions, but in the meantime we are struggling for cash and are having to put a lot of our own seed money into it.

Getting things started is always the hardest part, but we are making progress!

So, we want to offer our readers the chance to support separate strands of our investigations. As well as general reportage on corruption in Europe, we are going to concentrate on three strands of extended reporting and in-depth investigations. These strands are

1) The Danske bank scandal

Bitcoin Address: 1JvMiykXQkdK6qr6NGTC12FpNrG9X4ZLU4

2) The ODF “NGO”

Bitcoin Address: 1JvMiykXQkdK6qr6NGTC12FpNrG9X4ZLU4

3) Corruption and tensions in central/eastern Europe

Bitcoin Address: 1JvMiykXQkdK6qr6NGTC12FpNrG9X4ZLU4

Simply send Bitcoins to which strand you are most interested in and we will dedicate half your donation to specific investigations and commissions on that topic. The other half will go towards our general running costs: web promotion, advertising, boosting, servers, staff, site maintenance, outsourcing for site design, investigation costs, etc.