European Union Anti-Corruption (EUAC) is an independent news and blogging platform run by journalists and volunteers across the continent who are concerned by the rising level of corruption in the European Union, its accession countries and Europe in general.

We are decentralized, no one individual has complete control. We are nowhere. We are everywhere.

Currently still in the beta phase, we are testing what works and what does not.

During this period, we will continue to follow news stories that interest us, our writers and our readers.

Our primary objective is to become a reliable source of information and knowledge, covering topics truthfully and accurately. We are not bound by any particular agenda, but we wish to see criminality and corruption reduced and exposed. To this end, there is no story we will not investigate and report.

Too often outlets are slavish to their own agendas and narratives. We want a space dedicated to corruption in the EU, regardless of the state, the actors, the sector or the ideology.

We are actively seeking new writers, confidential sources, stories and anything that may peak our interest. If this is you, then please get in touch today.

EUAC is written by freelance journalists who have committed the seed funding. In time we hope to build a traffic stream capable of delivering funding for the existing team and, looking ahead, to expand further.

We want those that work in the institutions in Brussels to take the issue of anti-corruption and the silencing of journalists seriously.

There will be crowdfunding opportunities in the future for our readers and supporters to get involved with what we investigate and how we operate. Watch our website for updates.

Our founders
As we continue our beta development we operate without bylines. Once the site is fully up and running we will run bylines, but not in all cases. Given the rising violence seen against journalists who report on EU corruption stories, the safety of our founders and our writers must be our priority. We want anybody who writes for us to be able to do so without having to be fearful of repercussions from those we seek to expose.

As often as the individuals feel content to do so, our writers will include their by-lines. This is entirely at their own discretion and is not a requirement. EUAC, does however routinely review our sources and writers who publish on our platform to ensure accuracy.

A byline does not indicate the writer is a founder of EUAC.

If we have made a factual error, or you wish to exercise right of reply, you can contact us here. Similarly, if you have information relevant to our fields of inquiry please do get in touch. We handle all such contact with discretion.