Moldovans face Russian-EU split at the polls

Igor dodon

Article by Kevin Holland, photo from Wikipedia and shared under the creative comms license

Moldovans are about to head to the polls with a fairly even split between pro-Russian and pro-EU parties.

The former Soviet state is home to over 3m people, and while many see Russia as its natural partner many prefer to look instead to the EU.

The three main parties are the pro-Russian Socialist party, the Democratic party who currently govern, and the pro-EU alliance.

President Igor Dodon, who favours Russia, is facing corruption allegations which are ongoing. The country ranked just 117 out of 180 in this year’s report by Transparency International.

The World Bank weighed in with a report claiming Moldova was “captured by oligarchic interests”.

Already two members of the pro-EU alliance claimed they had been poisoned.

Shortly after there were reports of assassination plots against President Dodon.

Moldova did sign an association agreement with the EU in 2014 but it retains strong Russian links.

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