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Daughter of Putin’s aide working in EU parliament

Article by Kevin Holland, photo by Yelizaveta Peskova / Instagram / stpellegrino

According to RFE/RL, the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman is currently an intern at the European Parliament, giving her considerable access to EU documents.

Yelizaveta Peskova is 21 years old. Her father, Dmitry Peskov, is a top Kremlin spokesman. Yet the daughter currently works for French MEP Aymeric Chauprade, a supporter of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea.

Chauprade has confirmed the story is accurate yet claims there is “no conflict of interest”. Given that Chauprade is a member of the EP’s foreign affairs committee and subcommittee on security, as well as part of the delegation of the EU-Russia parliamentary committee, this may raise questions.

Chauprade also backed the referendum in Crimea following the Russian military takeover, despite it being rejected by the EU and UN as a sham staged by Moscow.

The news has caused considerable concern from MEPs, who regard it as a basic security breach. Peskova had significant access to EU workings.

Chauprade was part of France’s National Front as recently as late 2015.

Security at the EP is a growing concern for some campaigners. The Open Dialogue Foundation chief, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, for instance, appears to enjoy relatively free access despite facing serious investigations in both Poland and Moldova.

Critics allege Kozlovska effectively sells PR to major money launderers in return for substantial sums of money, all under the cover of her ‘NGO’, the Open Dialogue Foundation.

While Peskova’s employment may not have technically breached any rules, it has caused alarm. One MEP, Knut Fleckenstein, said, “I would maybe think twice [about] what I would tell her”.

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