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GDPR has already generated 95,000 complaints

Article by Kevin Holland, photo by Blogtrepreneur and is available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Despite being just 8 months old, the EU’s flagship GDPR policy overhaul has already led to 95,000 complaints, the Commission has revealed.

Three financial penalties have already been applied, with a record 50m EUR fine incurred by Google for not adequately telling customers how their data is being used.

Google is expected to appeal the result.

First Vice President Frans Timmermans said: “Citizens have become more conscious of the importance of data protection and of their rights … And they are now exercising these rights, as national Data Protection Authorities see in their daily work. They have by now received more than 95,000 complaints from citizens.

“What is at stake is not only the protection of our privacy, but also the protection of our democracies and ensuring the sustainability of our data-driven economies.”

It is believed five countries have still not fully incorporated GDPR into their national legislation. They are: Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece and Bulgaria.

The EU felt moved to act on data after the big Facebook data scandals. The legislation is intended to give consumers control over their data, and the right to know how it is being used.

After data harvesting scandals around both Trump and Brexit, the EU felt major action was needed and a clear signal sent to the Silicon Valley giants. Given the case against Google, they may not quite yet have taken it onboard.

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