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Bulgaria revokes citizenship of convicted fraudster

Article by Kevin Holland, photo by Good Free Photos

The Russian millionaire Sergey Adoney has had his citizenship revoked by Bulgaria due to a twenty year old conviction for fraud.

It was revoked just days before the end of the 10-year period in which revocation is possible. As an EU state Bulgarian citizenship does grant full EU rights.

The Bulgarian vice president Iliana Yotova said she signed the revocation order in May 2018.

She said it was signed “following a thorough analysis by our security services,” and that “authorities did not have such information back in 2008 when the citizenship was granted.”

The EU is trying to clamp down on wealthy people, particularly with criminal convictions, obtaining and keeping EU citizenship. Their latest report includes an action plan for stopping abuses of the various ‘golden visas’ scheme.

Of the 225 passports given out by Bulgaria in the last ten years, it is believed 125 were given to Russians.

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