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Greece and Bulgaria ‘most corrupt’ EU countries

Article by Claude Shannon

Transparency International has just published its annual report on corruption, the Corruption Perceptions Index, and it makes grim reading for Europe. Within the EU, Bulgaria was ranked lowest, followed by Greece and then Hungary.

Bulgaria scored just 42 out of 100, followed by Greece with 45 points, and Hungary with 46 points. However, Hungary has now dropped eight points in just five years.

These scores put Greece level with countries such as Senegal and Montenegro, at 67th in the global rankings.

The scores are calculated by asking people from the countries involved about how much corruption they perceive in their own territory. The worst possible score is zero, with a score of 100 representing no perceived corruption at all.

Europe does also have a number of the world’s ‘cleanest’ countries, including Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

The worst performing countries globally were Somalia, Syria and South Sudan.

Europe has struggled on a number of fronts lately: Brexit, money laundering, the populist wave and its attendant attacks on judicial propriety, the struggle to bring newer member states up to standards, and so on.

This year’s findings may only reinforce what we already know, that without major work and funding, the direction of travel for Europe is not positive.

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