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EUAC’s Heroes and Villains of 2018


Michel Barnier

Barnier has been the most impressive statesman on the continent for 2018. While Juncker has caused a number of incidents and lacks basic professionalism, Barnier continues to deliver on the most critical issue facing the bloc: keeping the UK in, or if insists on leaving, ensuring it does so in a way least damaging to European values.

Bill Browder

Browder continues to impress. He has spearheaded one of the biggest shake ups in corruption that the world has witnessed for many, many years. And his work continues to bear fruit, most recently in the Danske Estonia arrests. He faces continual persecution from Russia. In May he was arrested in Spain on a trumped-up Interpol warrant, before Interpol’s General Secretary finally quashed the warrant for its glaring political nature.

Alexei Navalny

The Russian lawyer and politician is a relentless campaigner against corruption, and particularly against Putin’s more egregious excesses. This is the key European link. Navalny was instrumental in stopping the election of Kremlin stooge, Alexander Prokopchuk, to lead Interpol. Had the Russian landed the top job Interpol would have effectively ceased to function, because it simply wouldn’t have any credibility left given the spurious nature of Russia’s abuses of the Interpol notice system.




Russian aggression shows no sign of abating. Not only did it attempt to bring Interpol under its control, it has launched offensive actions against the Ukrainian navy, sent agents to England to carry out an assassination with biological weapons, and it continues to use the Interpol system for political vendettas.

Danske bank

The Danske scandal is enormous. The sheer volume of money in question is incredible: over $200bn. Danske has seriously undermined the EU’s standing on the issue of money laundering. Its employees facilitated the laundering of vast amounts of money, mainly from former Soviet countries, and mainly routed through Danske’s Estonia branch. Investigations are still ongoing and much more looks set to come out.

Lyudmyla Kozlovska

Kozlovska is a stone-cold actress of Hollywood quality, a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. EUAC has reported on numerous individuals, banks, companies, leaders, parties, and yet the only one to respond with repeated threats and attacks is Kozlovska and her associates, Martin Mycielski. Time appears to be running out for Kozlovska and ODF, the evidence is simply piling up too high. It is now known ODF took money from a number of firms involved in money laundering scandals. It is known she has an intimate relationship with global fraudster Mukhtar Ablyazov. It is known she is in the pay of convicted criminal, Veaceslav Platon. She is still pretending to be a human rights activist, but given the scale of evidence now emerging the net appears to be closing rapidly.

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