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Romanian party leader calls out rival for “treason”

The leader of the ruling party in Romania has called for legal action against the nation’s president for saying Romania wasn’t equipped to handle the rotating EU presidency.

Liviu Dragnea, chairman of the Social Democratic Party, claims President Klaus Iohannis committed treason by undermining he country’s ability to handle the upcoming presidency.

During the same speech, Dragnea called for an amnesty for thousands of people he claims were victims of false imprisonment by corruption officials.

Dragnea himself is barred from being prime minister due a conviction for corruption himself, but he wields significant authority in the country and is, according to many, the de facto ruler.

Corruption in Romania is a serious problem and the EU has made its concerns known repeatedly. Dragnea’s response is typically that while that may be true, plenty of other EU states also suffer from widespread corruption. And on that point, at least, we certainly don’t disagree.


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