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Romania rails against EU ahead of presidency

Romania’s left wing coalition has accused the EU of “discriminatory” treatment ahead of the country’s controversial turn to take on the EU’s rotating presidency.

Liviu Dragnea, chair of the Social Democrat Party, said, “”Romania will no longer accept being treated as a second-rate country … We love and respect them (EU leaders), but we want to be entitled to our own opinions”.

Dragnea has also called for the country’s president to be charged with treason for undermining the country with regard to the presidency, which is due to start in January.

Whether Romania is far enough along to take on the presidency has been the source of bitter rows across the nation and the bloc.

Only last month the Commission issued a report slamming Romania for failures on judicial reform. Brussels claims the moves will undermine the independence of judges.

There are fears the government is planning an amnesty for January, which would see thousands of people convicted of corruption pardoned.

In January last year something similar was tried, leading to serious protests on the streets.

Dragnea himself is barred from being the prime minister due to a corruption conviction.

He is also believed to have used false documentation to secure EU funds.

Whatever Romania claims, it is nowhere near the level expected of an EU state with regard to corruption, which remains a major problem in the country.

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