Anti-corruption groups write to EU

Over 90 anti-corruption and rights groups have written to the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council. They want laws tightened up to bring serious consequences for those who do not adhere to international human rights and corruption legislation.

The groups include PEN America, PHROM, Aditus Foundation and more.

The groups want to kick start a process by which the EU can start fighting back against the impunity enjoyed by so many who flaunt the law and rules in Europe and beyond, saying:

“Today, more than ever, we recognise that the promotion and protection of equal and inalienable rights form the basis of justice, peace, and security. Where human rights are violated, and corruption is allowed to flourish, individuals are less safe, and communities are less stable and secure.

“With universal human rights and the rule of law under significant challenge globally, now is an opportune moment to take an unmistakable step forward in defence of our common values,”

The issue was tabled December 10, the 70 year anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being adopted by the UN.

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