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China extradites suspect from EU state for first time

China has been keen to improve its ability to extradite those suspected of corruption from western nations and now, for the first time, has successfully extradited a suspect from an EU state: Bulgaria.

Western states have not been overly keen to cooperate with China over ongoing failings in the country’s record on democracy, justice and human rights. There is little sense in the West that China follows anything remotely approximating due process.

China’s National Supervision Commission said:

“This is the first time we have successfully extradited a bureaucrat suspected of work-related crimes from an EU member state”.

The suspect, Yao Jinqi, had been a mid ranking official in China’s Zhejiang province before fleeing in 2005 over corruption charges.

After an Interpol ‘red notice’ was issued Yao was detained in Bulgaria on October, and Bulgarian courts have now authorised his extradition to China.

Whether the suspect will be given legal representation or a fair trial is unclear.


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