European court refuses to lift Mubarak asset freeze

A European court has refused to lift the asset freeze on Hosni Mubarak, the former Egyptian president, and his family and surrounding officials.

The General Court of the European Union, based in Luxembourg, upheld the 2011 decision of the Council of the EU to maintain the freeze, on the back of criminal proceedings in Cairo.

Mubarak was charged with a number of corruption cases after resigning from office in 2011 after nationwide protests. He was acquitted of most charges.

Mubarak had attempted to get political rights restores for himself and his son in 2015, lodging a case with the Court of Cassation in Egypt, however the court rejected his requests because of the corruption case he had been convicted for.

Both Mubarak and his son were convicted of embezzling substantial sums of money from public funds which were supposed to be used for the maintenance of the presidential estate. Each received a three year sentence plus heavy fines.

Mubarak’s argument for his European case is that Egyptian justice falls short of European standards, that his conviction has no sound basis and that he was not afforded the presumption of innocence as mandated in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.


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