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Montenegro calls on EU to recognise progress on corruption

The European Commission should recognise progress made by Montenegro in controlling high-level corruption and organised crime, says the country’s General Director of the Directorate for Justice, Marijana Laković-Drašković.

Laković-Drašković, who heads up the country’s negotiating team for Chapter 23 and is a member of the Committee for European Integration, said: “The European Commission regularly submits the interim reports on their perception when it comes to the progress in the area of the rule of law, i.e. chapters 23 and 24 We expect that the European Commission would recognise stable progress in numerous significant aspects of the rule of law, evaluating concrete results achieved by our institutions.”

She added that Montenegro was completely committed to achieving the results the Commission had demanded, which she describes as much more demanding when compared to previous enlargements of the bloc.

“Montenegro has started talks in 31 chapters,” she said, “negotiations in three negotiation chapters have been temporarily closed, while we expect to open the two remaining chapters soon.

“Also, we expect the European Commission to recognise the latest activities of the national police and state prosecutor’s office in fighting organised crime, high-level corruption, money laundering, temporarily seized assets and confiscated drugs,” she added.

Montenegro began the process of Accession to the European Union in November 2005 and submitted its formal application for membership in December 2008.

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