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Moldova to launch parliamentary investigation into ODF’s activities

The Moldovan Parliament is set to launch a special commission to investigate the activities of the Open Dialogue Foundation and its founder, Lyudmyla Kozlovska.

Deputies in the Parliament have proposed the creation of a special commission to investigate the groups activities in the domestic affairs of Moldova, including the illegal funding of political parties.

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According to Moldovan media, MPs had previously written to the National Anti-Corruption Centre, intelligence services and the Anti-Money Laundering service to call for an investigation into the controversial organisation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Justice Department are also believed to be involved in the investigation.

Documents seen by investigative journalists revealed Kozlovska’s Open Dialogue Foundation had links with at least two political parties, Dignity and Truth Platform Party and Party of Action and Solidatiry.

Moldova’s former Education Minister, Maia Sandu, also accepted a plane ticket and hospitality from ODF to attend a conference in Brussels.

Sandu initially denied the allegations – only coming clean once the evidence was published in the press.

In August, Poland banned Kozlovska from entering the Schengen zone, which led to a diplomatic row after Germany and Belgium issued her a special visa to attend engagements in their respective countries.

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