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Poland explains reason for Kozlovska deportation

Stanislav Sparks, press secretary of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs, has given an account of why the controversial president of the Open Dialog Foundation, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, was placed on a Schengen blacklist – effectively a travel ban.

The statement was first published at and reads:

“The head of the internal security Agency, in carrying out their lawful duties, issued a negative opinion at the request of Lyudmyla Kozlovska about the provision of long-term residence permit of a EU resident. In the result Mrs. Lyudmila Kozlovskiy was denied entry to the territory of Poland and the European Union.

Such a negative report issued by the Control and Intelligence Directorate of the internal security agency, associated with serious doubts about the financing of the Open Dialog Foundation, which is headed by Lyudmyla Kozlovska, and this can have further legal consequences. Through legal restrictions, as well as in connection with the financial audit, which is happening now, detailed information on this matter can’t be disclosed.”

Kozlovska and her husband and colleague at Open Dialog Foundation, Bartosz Kramek, were blocked from entering Belgium when they landed at Brussels airport on 13 August.

It was also reported that ODF was last year criticised by the famous blogger from ‘The Russian V column in Poland’, Marcin Ray, due to the opacity of ODF’s funding.

Critics have raised many questions about ODF’s funding, connections and commercial activities. In particular, ODF has an unusually intimate relationship with notorious criminal Mukhtar Abylazov. A number of questions have been raised in the European parliament about the propriety of ODF and some of its more dubious activities.

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