Moldova Aims for more Transparency

Moldova Aims for more Transparency

Moldova wants to become more European and less corrupt. In this day of globalization many Moldova citizens are interested in what Moldova has to offer: a chance to join the European Union (EU). But why is Moldova interested in integration to the EU? The main reason is that Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe and they need money to develop. However, this is also true in the Western Europe where there are some of the richest countries in the world. So for Moldova, an independent Moldova is not only possible but very much attractive.

The problem for Moldova is that they want to be less corrupt and more European. And therefore integration to the European Union will give them money. Unfortunately Moldova is not yet ready to get ready for that. However, they are making a real effort to become more democratic and open to the west. Maia Sandu, who leads the government’s commission for promoting Moldova as a tourist destination, says that the country will start accepting applications from tourist companies within the next year. Meanwhile, the government is also planning a program called “Eurasianistan Tour”, which is an attempt to attract tourists to Moldova by offering cheaper vacations to take in places like Moldova, Romania and Greece.

The main obstacle for Moldova is the Moldova’s old cultural system, which is based on the Soviet ideology of “socialism realism”. This ideology is anti-western, anti-liberal and it is also extremely corrupt. There are still many corrupt officials who are involved in the Moldova’s political life. However, the people are generally pro-European and they want to integrate in Europe.

Another major obstacle for Moldova’s European integration is the attitude of Russian-Moldovan relations. The Moldova authorities have refused to embrace closer economic and political integration with the Russian Federation (called Russky), arguing that Moldova is already an independent country and needs no better relations with its Russian neighbor. Moldova wants to join the European Union, but it will have to change its mind about becoming a closer and more democratic country first.

Closer integration with the Russkies would mean that Moldova would have to open itself up to Moscow’s world view. The current Moldova government has been quite hostile towards Moscow and the Russian people. Many Moldovans are afraid that Moldova may become another Ukraine. Some of the people in Moldova are worried about a possible increase in Moldova’s population after the integration with the EU; they fear that the Russian army will come and ethnically cleanse the Moldovans. They also fear that further integration with Russkies will worsen corruption in Moldova, and that Moldova may become another example in Eastern Europe of what a failed nation-state looks like. These worries do not seem to be based in reality, though.

If Moldova wants to be less corrupt and more transparent, then it will start by looking in the mirror. The Moldova government should seriously look at itself, at its present policies and actions, and at its lack of success at integrating with the EU. At the end of the day, a Moldova that wants to join the European Union will have to show its true colors, and stand for everything that it stands for, including its own principles of fair elections, free and fair elections, an independent state, and a society that practices democracy and checks and balances. Without those things, a country will have no chance of becoming a modern and successful Western European country. Please consider all this and think on it.

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