EU Pledges 560 Million In Aid For Syrian Victims

EU Pledges 560 Million In Aid For Syrian Victims

The EU pledges 560 million in aid for Syrian victims. The High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, asks the regime for a change in behavior.

The European Union (EU) has promised this Tuesday 560 million euros to help citizens and the 5.6 million Syrian refugees , as announced by the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell , during the donor conference that he organizes Brussels together with the UN .

“Our message as the EU remains clear. We will remain fully committed to Syria and its population,” Borrell said during his speech at the V Conference in Brussels, where the international community is expected to announce its donations today. This is the same amount that the EU pledged last year.

Borrell has lamented that “the regime” of the Syrian president, Basar al Assad, “does not offer a future to the Syrians, does not make any contribution to the stability of the region” and has pointed out that “until this changes”, it cannot be a partner from the EU or the international community.

The high representative has asked the Syrian government “a change of behavior (…) to end the repression”, since “only a political solution will bring stability and allow Syria to remain united, sovereign, prosperous and free.”

Half a million dead in ten years
“It is necessary to end this conflict,” said the former Spanish minister, who has reiterated the request to respect resolution 2254 of the United Nations Security Council, to find a political solution to the war, which has already left close to 500,000 deaths in ten years .

After Borrell, the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres , intervened to recall that more than 13 million people in Syria need humanitarian aid this year, which represents an increase of 2% compared to 2020.

He also recalled that nine out of ten Syrians live in poverty and assured that “Syria’s economy has been devastated and now the impacts of the covid have made things worse. Almost half of all families lost their source of income.”

It will be at the end of the V Brussels Conference, when the European Commission announces the total amount that the international community will donate this year for the future of Syria. Last year 5.5 billion dollars (4.9 billion euros) were committed.

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