Google Adds New Artificial Intelligence Information To Maps Application

Google Adds New Artificial Intelligence Information To Maps Application

Google adds new Artificial Intelligence information to the Maps application. The company adds more than 100 enhancements powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Google Maps this year.

Since the co-pilot looked at the immense sheet of paper of the routes, many things have changed. This year Google announces more than 100 improvements driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), to offer the most accurate and up-to-date information on Google Maps, in real time.

Find your way indoors with Indoor Live View
One of the improvements comes from the hand of Live View that manages to avoid disorientation situations using augmented reality signals. It works with a technology called global location, which uses Artificial Intelligence to scan Street View images and know where the user is going. Live View is now also being brought into some of the more difficult to navigate interiors, such as airports, transportation hubs, and shopping malls.

Weather and air quality
Thanks to the new meteorological layer, it is possible to know the current and forecast temperature and weather conditions for a certain area. The air quality layer indicates whether the air is healthy or not.

Ecological alternatives
Soon Google Maps will suggest the route with the lowest carbon footprint by default, as long as the estimated time of arrival is similar to the fastest route.

In the event that the ecological route considerably increases the estimated time of arrival, the user will be able to compare the relative impact on emissions of both routes and choose the one they want. Green routes will launch in the US, on Android and iOS , later this year and will gradually reach the world.

Likewise, a new navigation interface is being prepared to choose more sustainable mobility alternatives, the application will show a complete view of all the routes and modes of transport available for the chosen destination, and the user will be able to compare how long it will take to arrive by car, transport public or bicycle. By using advanced machine learning models, the app will automatically prioritize user-preferred modes, and even the most popular modes in your city.

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