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Built by the Group of Women Victims of the Armed Conflict


Dec 25, 2020

Along the joranda, the building’s façade will be covered with a loom built by the Group of Women Victims of the Armed Conflict – Asomujer and there will also be photographic exhibitions for memory, a proposal developed by the Circo Nicoló and advanced tactical urban planning by the LEAK.

These are the 23 libraries recognized by the Daniel Samper Ortega 2020 National Prize for Public Libraries.

“The dream of El Castillo de las Artes was born because we want to have a space to handle all the territorial intervention at that point and in the 19 towns of Bogotá, and add the arts to arrive in the right way.

More than an alternative, it is a commitment to ethics and aesthetics in the face of coexistence, from this new Social and Environmental Contract of the XXI century ”, Carlos Marín, director of the District Institute for the Protection of Children and Youth, IDIPRON.

“The Castle of the Arts will benefit communities and territories affected by multiple violence, particularly in the towns of Santa Fe and Los Mártires, highlighting, making visible and recognizing their wealth and the political, social, cultural and artistic diversity found in these territories , especially from the social and population sectors that live there: women, the LGBTI community, victims of the conflict, indigenous communities, migrants, ”says Catalina Valencia Tobón, director of Idartes.

“The Castle of the Arts represents an effective solution to the revitalization of the city center and a commitment to the reactivation of the activities of the cultural and creative sector in this strategic area of ​​the city.

Likewise, it allows a stigmatized territory to be redefined and turned into a symbol of a caring city, of social inclusion and of new opportunities, positioning the center as a space in which creation does not stop ”, Adriana Padilla Leal, director of the Gilberto Foundation Alzate Avendaño – ESCAPE.

Organized by the District Institute of the Arts – Idartes , the District Institute for the Protection of Children and Youth – IDIPRON , the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation – FUGA and the District Secretary for Security, Coexistence and Justice , they will also be coordinated with the Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Sports, the Secretariat for Women, the Local Mayor’s Office of Los Mártires, the Secretariat for Social Integration and the Peace and Reconciliation Memory Center.

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